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Supermarket trolleys: could be getting smaller as a result of Brexit….


Thousands of shops in the UK will ignore the Royal Mint’s deadline to stop accepting the old £1 coins and will happily receive payment in supermarket trolleys instead.


A small business trade organisation representing 170,000 companies, has advised its members to accept the trolleys as payment because the changeover period for the new coins has been so short.

The Federation of Small Businesses’ Head of Loose Change Mr. Lee Galtender said, “Whilst the new £1 coins are extremely helpful in reducing counterfeits, most of the major supermarkets haven’t updated their trolleys in time for the deadline, so a significant number of the old coins in circulation are still wedged in their handles. We have therefore advised our members to accept supermarket trolleys as payment if they wish to. Of course, no shopping trolley will be given back to a customer as change unless both the front wheels work properly, which we concede is a fairly rare occurrence these days.”

Parenting groups have raised concerns about using supermarket trolleys instead of the new pound coins because the average child would need to employ a fifty year old bloke in a fluorescent coloured jacket just to be able to manage their pocket money properly.

The funfair industry has also expressed a degree of disquiet about the new proposals because most coin change machines at such venues are not set up to provide supermarket trolleys in exchange for banknotes. It is also feared that the trolleys may provide competition for the rides as pushing your mate around Blackpool Pier in a supermarket trolley is infinitely more entertaining than the coconut shy or hook a duck.

“The only reason I can think of why people wouldn’t want to use a supermarket trolley as currency is probably because the next time you go shopping and a street beggar asks if you have any spare change, if you say ‘no,’ the beggar will simply reply, ‘yes you f*cking have,’ whilst pointing at the trolley,” Mr. Galtender added.


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