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Samsung Galaxy Note 8 – Comes with a range of new fire safety features


Samsung is hoping to right the wrongs of last year’s exploding Note 7 phone by adding new fire safety features to the Galaxy Note 8.


The new phone comes with a whole range of fire safety equipment such as various types of extinguishers to treat the different types of fires its users may encounter, alongside a fire blanket and a coupon code for discounts at some of the best online fire safety courses.

Samsung’s Head of Fire Safety Product Upgrades Mrs. Emma R. Gency said, “Our aim with the Galaxy Note 8 is to try to rekindle our old position in the marketplace. Obviously we managed to ignite a lot of sales with the Note 7 and even though that particular model was very hot in the market for a while, we’re really looking to set the world alight with the Galaxy Note 8. As a result of some of the issues of the past, we are hoping to extinguish customer’s fears by sparing no expense as far as fire safety is concerned.”

As well as the aforementioned range of fire extinguishers, the Galaxy Note 8 also comes with a battery and mains powered fire alarm, an imitation (for obvious reasons) real wood fire door with panic bar, a fire evacuation chair, illuminated exit signs, a fire escape ladder, a fireproof gas mask and a first aid box with defibrillator.

The Note 8’s biggest challenge is to displace memories of the Note 7 that ended in a worldwide product recall, leaving fans disappointed and would-be buyers wary of a repeat performance. It is hoped that the new fire safety features will go some way to reaffirm Samsung’s commitment to fire safety with the launch of its Note 8 model.

“In the unlikely event that you are unfortunate enough to have your new Galaxy Note 8 phone explode in your pocket, this will trigger an alarm at your local fire station who will be on hand to try to put out your flames within a matter of a few minutes. Safety is something we’re taking absolutely no chances with this time around,” Mrs. Gency added.


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