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Nectar Card - The W1nners' Club

Sainsbury’s – hoping to spend its 60 miilion Nectar Card points in the ‘Home’ department of Sainsburys…..


Sainsbury’s has spent £60 million purchasing the Nectar loyalty card business in a move that could see the retailer earn as much as 60 million Nectar card points that it will be able to spend at Sainsbury’s.


The grocer began using the loyalty scheme that allows customers to collect points on their shopping and then claim back on money-off vouchers back in 2002, but admits that it rarely ever remembers to bring the card along when it’s time to do the weekly shopping.

Sainsbury’s Head of Household Budgeting Mr. Ian Flation said, “I can confirm that Sainsbury’s have purchased Nectar Card and because we used our company Nectar Card when buying the business, we’ll get roughly 60 million Nectar Card points in return that we’ll be able to use at Sainsbury’s. This is clearly not an ideal scenario because we generally only have a few random products that nobody wants that are ever eligible for any double Nectar points offers, and as such we will be conducting an internal enquiry to ascertain why we didn’t use a Tesco Clubcard when making the purchase instead.”

In order for Sainsbury’s to redeem its 60 million Nectar Card points, a Sainsbury’s representative will have to go to the customer service desk at a Sainsbury’s store and exchange the points for a voucher that can be spent on items at the store in question – the fact that no change can be given on a voucher means however, that whoever is in charge of spending the voucher will pretty much have to purchase every item in the store, meaning Sainsbury’s will simply be purchasing its own products from itself at a knock down price.

Sainsbury’s sees value in the Nectar business because of the reams of data it holds about shoppers and their spending habits, but professional data analysts argue that the sheer size of Sainsbury’s recent purchase will skew the data to such a degree that it will be rendered completely useless in terms of providing any kind of actionable insight.

“Using our Nectar card when purchasing Nectar Card was a bit of a mistake really. If we’d used a Tesco Clubcard we’d have at least been able to get discounts at their place which would hopefully eat into their profits this quarter given how much more the points are worth on their loyalty card scheme,” Mr. Flation added.


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