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Ryanair – no more flights landing in London?


Ryanair boss Michael O’Leary told the European parliament that the cancellation of flights between the UK and EU will make absolutely no difference to journey times.


Despite Heathrow being deserted, summer holidays cancelled and aircraft being moved to Europe as a result of Brexit, Ryanair flights have historically landed so far away from passenger’s intended destination that in some cases it would be quicker to employ the services of a mule as their principle mode of transport.

Ryanair’s Head of Post-Brexit planning Mr. Bill Repeal said, “We can assure our passengers that not being able to fly between the UK and the EU after Brexit won’t make a significant, if any difference to journey times. By the time you’ve taken a bus to the coach station, boarded a coach and driven down to the ferry port, boarded the ferry and endured an 8 hour crossing between Harwich and the Hook of Holland, boarded another coach and driven to your destination in Eastern Europe for two days non-stop – this will be no less convenient than buying a ticket from London to Madrid and finding out that the airports are in Luton and Barcelona respectively.”

The current Open Skies agreement allows EU airlines, including those registered in the UK, to operate in each other’s countries but failure to reach a deal for the aviation industry during Brexit negotiations may result in flights from London to Glasgow actually having to fly between London and Glasgow – something senior Ryanair executives find completely unacceptable.

Mr. O’Leary claimed that one senior Brexit minister had told him the lost European airline traffic could be made up through a bilateral agreement with Pakistan, at which point the Ryanair boss’s eyes lit up and said that such a plan would generate considerable savings on the London to Copenhagen route.

“We’ll be taking a lot of aircraft out of the UK in the April of 2019 and reallocating them to European regional airports. Customers should therefore consider hitch-hiking to their holiday destinations after this date as that will provide similar levels of guarantee that they will eventually end up in the city they plan to visit,” Mr. Repeal added.


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