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Rupert Murdoch – hoping for a bigger slice of pie in the Sky


Culture Secretary Karen Bradley has said that Rupert Murdoch should stick to deciding the UK’s general election results rather than trying to become all rich and powerful by taking over Sky.


Mr Murdoch already owns 39% of the satellite broadcaster but it is feared that a full takeover may result in the media mogul having the power to decide whether or not to screen the next series of Game of Thrones.

A spokesperson for the Monopolies and Mergers Commission Mrs. Meg A. Bid said, “It’s one thing allowing the Murdoch family to dictate the UK’s news agenda and the entire political process, but there’s no way we can allow them to decide whether or not we’ll get to watch Animal Fight Club on National Geographic. I pay £22 a month for my current TV bundle which includes Catch Up and Sky Sports – if the Murdochs gain full control of Sky, how can I be sure that I won’t have to upgrade to the £32 a month package just to watch the darts?”

An earlier attempt to take over Sky was abandoned in the wake of the phone hacking scandal after Mr. Murdoch left a voicemail with Sky’s former Head of Programming and said that he planned to air reruns of 1980s action shows if the deal went ahead. The revelations were made public after former News of the World journalists hacked the mobile in question and ran a front page story with the title, ‘Murdoch hires The A-Team!’

Ofcom has raised concerns over Murdoch’s 21st Century Fox taking over Sky unless there is an undertaking to sort out the box set for the TV show Scrubs, which apparently consists of 7 random episodes from 3 different seasons.

“Mr. Murdoch should really be a bit more humble and stick to doing what he does best which is stitching up celebrities using a bloke dressed in a comedy Arab costume and deciding the outcome of our general elections. Taking the decision on whether to allow him to have the power to decide how long shows should be made available on Catch Up should be delayed until after part two of the Leveson Inquiry at least,” Mrs. Bid added.


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