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Rolling Stone Magazine – may not be a good editorial fit for Rolling Stone Magazine…


Rolling Stone Magazine has announced that its next issue will be filled with adverts for Rolling Stone Magazine.


The trailblazing popular culture and music magazine has put itself up for sale and the company has identified Rolling Stone Magazine as the perfect advertising partner for its upcoming brand awareness campaign.

Rolling Stone Magazine’s Head of Advertising Sales Mr. Reed R. Ship said, “We’re used to selling advertising space to other brands usually, so you can imagine how challenging it must have been trying to negotiate with ourselves to try and get a deal done. Whilst it was initially difficult to get a meeting in with the client because they were too busy making arrangements for the upcoming sale of Rolling Stone Magazine, the fact the client is us meant that we were able to use that historical relationship to get a foot in the door.”

The team at Rolling Stone initially struggled to convince themselves that they were the best media choice for carrying their own adverts, and sources close to the deal have said that it took various lengthy presentations, not to mention several expensive business lunches that involved the consumption of a large number of bottles of wine before a breakthrough was finally made.

One of the major sticking points is rumoured to have been whether or not Rolling Stone Magazine has the appropriate editorial environment for carrying Rolling Stone Magazine’s adverts, and the company initially struggled to convince itself that its brand wouldn’t suffer as a result of being associated with a title that so closely resembles their own.

“Trying to get a deal done with yourself is a damn sight more difficult than it would initially seem. For a start, every time you try to ring the client the phone is always on voicemail and if you send the client an email they always reply straight away with exactly the same email that you’ve just sent them. If you ever find yourself in such a situation, my advice would be to take them for a nice slap up meal and an evening of lap dancing at Stringfellows to try and cement the relationship first,” Mr. Ship added.


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