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Pringles – The first packets formed may have been XTRA Tangy Buffalo Wing


The packaging used to house popular crisp snack Pringles may have been formed at the precise moment the universe was first created according to leading scientists.


The iconic tube packaging which includes a metal base, plastic cap and foil-lined cardboard sleeve is widely recognised as being one of the least recyclable substances in nature – hence the reason why Pringles use it to keep their crisps crunchy.

Pringles’ Head of Product Design Mr. Arthur Packet said, “Our packaging does indeed contain large traces of the compound Pringlesium which means that you can burn it, bury it, freeze it, shoot it, expose it to unfathomable levels of solar radiation and it won’t degrade – which is what must have happened to the first Pringles tubes that were jettisoned across the universe encased in an asteroid. Anything that contains Pringlesium is basically as tough as old boots. Trying to recycle the stuff is like trying to pat your stomach and rub your head at the same time – impossible!”

Pringlesium is the active ingredient in Pringles packaging which acts as a barrier “to protect the crisps from environmental contamination and to keep them fresh,” and the compound can also be found in the material that is used to protect nuclear bunkers from the force of a direct hit from a 100 Megaton intercontinental ballistic missile.

Researchers at the National Science Laboratory have found clear evidence that the planet’s accessible reserves of Pringles Tubes are the result of a bombardment from meteorites that occurred more than 200 million years after the Earth was formed, most of which can be traced back to the precise moment that the universe itself came into being.

“There’s really only one option packaging-wise if you want to keep your crisps crunchy and full of flavour. We’ve tried Kevlar, Boron Carbide, Diamond and even the stuff that makes up the majority of Anthony Joshua’s right hand, but nothing, repeat, nothing is as tough as a Pringles tube – which is great for people that like to sit up with the munchies playing Pro Evo Soccer and smoking weed until 3am every night but a bummer if you want to recycle the stuff,” Mr. Packet added.


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