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fun fur dog lion - The W1nners' Club

Fun fur – not the same as Cilla Black trying to say the word ‘fun fair’……..


A string of online retailers don’t appear to know the difference between real fur and fun fur a recent investigation has revealed.


Some of the UK’s biggest online retailers including Amazon, Groupon, Etsy and Miss Bardo have been selling mislabelled real fur, meaning customers have ended up purchasing expensive chinchilla coats that are made out of the same stuff that is used to make children’s fancy dress costumes.

Online shopper and Russian oligarch’s wife Mrs. Iva Somuchcashimrich said, “I bought a £35,000 mink coat online the other day and when I received the package it looked just like one of those children’s striped tiger fur tabards you can get on eBay for £15.99. There’s no way I’ll be able to wear it on a night out swanning around Knightsbridge, but I must admit the tail and the hood with the fury ears are rather cute. Perhaps my 11 year old daughter could wear it for the fancy dress party she’s going to next week?”

The investigation found that a large number of high net worth individuals have been seen at some of the most high profile society social events wearing the sort of clobber one would expect to see at an office Halloween party or raucous stag weekend.

Some of the outfits that have been purchased unsuspectingly by people online who don’t give a f*ck about the suffering of animals and want to show off how much cash they’ve got include a Frosty the Snowman outfit, adult Fantastic Mr. Fox suit and a two-person pantomime horse costume made out of velour fabric.

“It’s appalling that wealthy shoppers who can afford to buy real fur are having to make do with flaunting their wealth wearing a children’s Winnie the Pooh costume. Things are now so bad that I tried to buy a dalmation outfit the other day for my 6 year old and ended up with a £40,000 Mink GG intarsia coat from Gucci,” Mrs. Somuchcashimrich added.


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