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Nintendo Labo – set to raise the gaming bar with its Cowboys and Indians add on….


Nintendo is attempting to make old fashioned children’s games appear up-to-date via the release of a series of DIY accessories for the hit Nintendo Switch console which are made out of cardboard.


The range of “interactive build-and-play experiences” can turn the Switch’s Joy-Con controllers into a piano, a fishing rod, a motorbike or even a robot suit – although the company concedes that the robot suit looks more like something from a Jules Verne book cover rather than anything anybody that was born in the last 100 years would recognise as being a robot.

Nintendo’s Head of Vintage Gaming Mr. Simon Says said, “It became quite clear to us that you can only put so many bells and whistles into a Super Mario game, so we decided to go back to basics for our next generation of gaming innovations. Our research and development team have been working round the clock to create the next big leap forward in gaming technology and after many man hours and much intellectual endeavour, we have decided that what the kids of the future really want to play with every day is pieces of cardboard.”

At a price point of $300, critics argue that the use of cardboard add-ons is nothing more than a flimsy gimmick, but Nintendo has assured customers that for an additional $70 (£50) on top of the 300 they have just spent, users will be able to convert their hi-tech Switch console into a skipping rope that children can use to play with their friends outside just like they did in the olden days.

The latest official figures show that the Nintendo Switch sold a total of 10 million units worldwide in its first nine months, although some parents that have purchased the device for their children argue that you might not need to shell out several hundred pounds of your hard earned cash just to be able to play ring-a-ring-a-roses or hopscotch.

“We’ve got lots of new ideas we’re working on for our Labo product add-ons. The new products will include conkers, hide and seek, a rocking horse, a jack-in-the-box, sleeping lions, stone skimming, tiddlywinks, shove ha’ penny, rock-paper-scissors, musical chairs, leapfrog, kiss chase and blind man’s buff – all of which never required a $300 games console to play them in the 1950s, so it shows you how much value we’ve added through the use of modern technology,” Mr. Says added.


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