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Chicken and mushroom pie - The W1nners' Club

Morrisons chicken and mushroom pie – comes with chicken and mushroom shaped pastry styling….


Morrisons has confirmed that its “Traditional Chicken and Mushroom Pie” always has the fish bones removed during the production process.


The Food Standards Agency says that the supermarket’s pies are a possible health risk for anyone that has an allergy to mustard and/or fish, but Morrisons has said that the chicken and mushroom used in its pies are sourced from some of the finest seafood suppliers in the country.

Morrison’s Head of Knowing the Difference Between Poultry and Seafood Mr. Ian Correct-Label said, “How anybody can suffer from anaphylactic shock as a result of eating one of our chicken and mushroom pies simply because they’re allergic to fish is practically impossible because we only use the highest quality seafood in them. It’s not like shopping at Asda where back in September they sold fish pies that were in fact Chicken and Bacon ones. Our Chicken and Mushroom is made of exactly what it’s supposed to be made of – only the finest ingredients you can catch using a fishing rod.”

Morrisons says that its chicken and mushroom pies go through a strict procedure during the manufacturing process whereby all the fish bones get removed to ensure the highest standards of safety, but customers can rest assured that this will not affect the amount of Omega 3 fish oils contained in the final product.

The FSA regularly issues food and allergy alerts whenever necessary, but Morrisons says that on this occasion, not knowing what constitutes a decent chicken and mushroom pie has created a lot of unnecessarily negative press for the retailer because everyone knows that it only ever sources its chicken and mushroom from reputable UK salmon farms and fisheries.

“I honestly don’t know what we’ll have to do to convince people that there’s absolutely nothing wrong with our chicken and mushroom pies going forward. Some people have suggested we change the labelling and call them fish pies but then we’d have to change the ingredients and fill them with chicken and mushroom,” Mr. Correct-Label added.


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