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Monarch Airlines: Marginally ahead of Ryanair in terms of reliability and service….


Monarch Airlines is still marginally ahead of fierce rival Ryanair in the customer satisfaction league tables despite going into administration and leaving 110,000 passengers stranded overseas.


Efforts are continuing to bring back holidaymakers after the carrier went bust having racked up £60million in losses this year, but the majority of Monarch customers that have been offered alternative flights home with Ryanair have opted to hitchhike instead.

Monarch Airlines’ Former Head of Customer Service Mrs. Eve Acuate said, “I honestly don’t know how we’ve managed not to come last in the latest airline customer satisfaction league tables to be honest with you. We don’t even have an airline anymore but people would still rather book with us than fly with Ryanair. I think it’s because we’re seen as a more reliable option due to the fact that if you do book your holiday with us, you might get to fly home with another carrier when the emergency repatriation of customers takes place, but with Ryanair you simply get extra Ryanair vouchers.”

860,000 people’s flights and holidays were cancelled when Monarch Airlines went into administration on Monday morning, but many have stated that even though the carrier’s customer service lines are now dead, this still constitutes a much better standard of service than the indifference and rudeness you receive from the customer service team at Ryanair.

The latest Civil Aviation Authority customer satisfaction league tables rank the UK’s major airlines in terms of their reliability, value for money, overall contempt for passengers and humility and compassion when everything goes tits up, and it is thought that by no longer existing anymore, Monarch has been able to annoy its customers marginally less than Ryanair has recently by simply continuing to be Ryanair.

“With the government having to step in to evacuate tens of thousands of people from mainland Europe in a hurry and Ryanair losing pilots faster than they can train new ones, it’s all starting to look a bit like the Battle of Britain all over again isn’t it? The only difference is that during WWII the Monarch was the heir to the throne, but this time Monarch has been thrown from the air for good unfortunately,” Mrs. Acuate added.


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