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High heels at work? Men argue that it should be their own choice……


Men should be forced to wear high heels at work according to researchers from The University of Aberdeen.


A recent study showed a link between wearing high heels and an increased risk of bunions, pain and injury, meaning true gender equality can only be achieved in the workplace if men stop dithering over whether women should be forced to wear heels, and don a pair of stilettos themselves to see how they like it.

The University of Aberdeen’s Head of Gender Equality Research Mrs. Venus-Ann Mars said, “If we’re still forcing women to wear high heels in the workplace despite the obvious risk of physical injury simply because it’s considered attractive, then there’s a few blokes that could do with strapping on a pair of Jimmy Choos for 8 eight hours a day to give the girls something to look at as well. If men really are so much tougher than women as Patriarchal societal values suggest, then surely the lads won’t mind a bit of Osteoarthritis to complement their inflated average salaries?”

Calls to introduce a law banning companies from telling women to wear high heels at work were rejected by the government in April because it says the current legislation is ‘adequate,’ and on that very basis it would presumably be acceptable if an employer preferred its male staff to wear a pair of stilettos every day – what with existing laws being ‘adequate’ and everything!

The UK government has pledged to raise awareness about female workers being forced to wear high heels without introducing new legislation, whereas in the Canadian province of British Columbia, employers are prohibited by law from requiring staff to wear high heels – no doubt a huge relief for Canadian men!

“Why stop at high heels? If we really want to achieve gender equality in the workplace, men should also have the opportunity to endure reductions in pay, under representation in senior management positions and lower career expectations because of childcare responsibilities. A bit of makeup and being forced to wear a skirt everyday wouldn’t go a miss for the lads either,” Mrs. Mars added.


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