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McDonald's McGold card - The W1nners' Club

McGold Card – Members receive a free Happy Meal upon purchasing a premier league football club….


McDonald’s has a McGold card that entitles cardholders to unlimited free meals from its fast food restaurants – but they are only available to people that can prove they will never need to own a McGold card.


With a combined wealth at just shy of $200 billion, Warren Buffett and Bill Gates are two of the superrich individuals in question that are unlikely to ever require any financial assistance whatsoever when it comes to paying for their hamburgers.

McDonald’s Head of Feeding the Rich and Hungry Mr. Phil Anthropy said, “don’t be fooled by what you read in Forbes magazine or the Sunday Times Rich List – most people with a net worth in the tens of billions of dollars have most of that cash tied up in assets. We have therefore introduced the McGold card so that even high net worth individuals can get to experience what it feels like to queue for a burger on a Saturday afternoon in McDonald’s when the place is full of screaming kids and short tempered mothers.”

The McGold card entitles the holder to unlimited free food at McDonald’s for a year and the fast food chain has stated that anybody with a net worth of over $500 million will be considered for the entry level version that is specially designed for people with a poor credit history and allows the owner access to chicken McNuggets only.

McGold card membership works on a sliding scale depending on an individual’s total asset worth and a few lucky people at the very top end of the earning scale may find that they qualify for items from the saver menu like the Cheeseburger, Double Cheeseburger and Mayo Chicken upon proof of ownership of a private jet or Richard Branson’s mobile phone number.

“Individual stores can make a call on who they provide a McGold card to, but we usually advise our restaurants to run a credit check to ensure the free food isn’t being given to someone that might actually need it,” Mr. Anthropy added.


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