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Gardening Equipment – won’t get out of bed for less than £10,000 a day….


LMVH and Kering whose brands include Louis Vuitton, Christian Dior, Saint Laurent and Gucci have both decided to replace their super skinny catwalk models with gardening equipment.


The two global fashion giants have said that their designers can no longer use size 32 models under the French system – sizes XXS or size zero in the US or size 4 in Britain – and must use various gardening tools like rakes, Dutch hoes, edgers or pitch forks instead.

LMVH’s Head of Gardening Supplies Mrs. Eva Green said, “The fashion industry has long been accused of promoting unhealthy body images to women and ignoring well-documented health problems experienced by models, so we have decided to tackle the problem head-on and rather than expecting our models to be as skinny as a rake going forward, we will simply employ gardening rakes to ensure that respect for women remains at the heart of our values.”

A bill that was approved by the French parliament in December 2015 and came into effect this year, made it obligatory for models working in France to obtain a medical certificate to prove that they are healthy. The fashion industry has therefore decided that rather than receive a heavy fine, it might be a good idea to rush in changes that arguably should have been made years ago if the dignity of women was really at the heart of the industry’s value system.

The pledge to “go one step further” and ensure good working conditions for models comes ahead of the start of New York Fashion week, and industry experts will be keen to see whether the use of gardening equipment to model clothes has any effect on the success of the show or if, as predicted, the tools in question will simply provide just as unrealistic an ideal of the female body type as zero-sized models did previously.

“The wellbeing of our models is of the utmost importance, or rather, the wellbeing of our models is of the utmost importance now that we might get our arses tanned with a whopping great fine if it isn’t,” Mrs. Green added.


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