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prison inmate with cell phone - The W1nners' Club

Lee Jae-Yong – offered a Samsung Galaxy A3 (2017) 16GB on O2, 24 Month contract for two extra pillows….


Samsung heir Lee Jae-yong is thought to have been ‘jumped in’ to a prison gang over the course of his recent jail term.


The Samsung Electronics vice chairman, who is known as T-Boz to fellow lags in the ‘Cash Money Brothers Crew’ at Seoul Penitentiary, had been convicted of a range of offences including bribery and embezzlement – which is apparently nothing compared to what he got up to over the course of his year on the inside.

Samsung’s Head of PR (Prison Relations) Mr. Earl E. Release said, “We can confirm that Lee Jae-yong is now second in command of the Cash Money Brothers Crew based principally at Seoul Penitentiary, and it is as yet unclear whether he will be resuming his former role as Samsung vice chairman or continuing with his gang activities now that he is on the outside. One of the things that will need to be considered carefully is whether his new ‘black tear’ facial tattoos are appropriate for conducting corporate activities on behalf of one of the world’s leading multinational business conglomerates.”

Lee’s ascent to the apex of the Cash Money Brothers Crew is rumoured to have been aided by his ability to provide an unlimited supply of mobile phones to fellow convicts at a knock down price of one tube of toothpaste for a Samsung S7 – thus enabling him to avoid the usual prison ritual of having to fight with cellmates for the right to sleep on the top bunk.

Despite being a slender man and looking a bit like a chartered accountant, Mr. Lee’s almost intractable grip on power in the prison yard was aided in part by his ability to threaten thugs from rivals gangs with having the batteries of their mobile phones drained remotely, meaning a Galaxy Note 8 on a full charge in jail would barely provide ten minutes of use rather than the usual twenty five.

“Lee Jae-yong has already tried to alter the culture here at Samsung to make it more like a prison gang. Instead of continuing with the production of virtual reality headsets and smart watches, he turned up at a recent general meeting wearing a doo-rag and gave a presentation on how much more money could be made manufacturing a new line of Samsung branded ‘soap on a rope,’ for convicts,” Mr. Release added.


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