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Innis & Gunn – cloud based drinking


Edinburgh brewer Innis & Gunn have announced the creation of a new beer made using ingredients sourced entirely from the cloud.


The company said the new ale called Sky P.A. is made from a number of, “uniquely sourced ingredients,” that have been specially brewed as part of a new drive for innovation and high-quality beer flavours.

Innis and Gunn master brewer, Mrs. Amber Nectar said, “The company has already set a high benchmark in brewing innovation with our beer flavoured marmalade and we will be rolling out our, ‘pretentious juxtaposition,’ concept to other areas. We have plans in place to create the first beer flavoured disposable nappies and from there, well – the sky definitely isn’t the limit.”

Mrs. Nectar explained that usually when beer is made, the brew house will call up suppliers on the phone and order in the hops, yeast and barley etc. but with their new cloud sourced creation, all the ingredients will be ordered over the internet by Dave who works in the company’s I.T. department.

“We care deeply about quality, innovation, flavour and integrity. Ordering all our ingredients online is a huge conceptual leap for us as a company and the craft beer industry as a whole,” she added.

It was suggested to Mrs. Nectar that manufacturing supplies have been ordered online for years and she said, “what a load of click-bait! We’ve only been on Twitter since July and we already have 23 followers. Innis and Gunn are most definitely at the forefront of innovation. We’re even thinking of raising capital by putting part of the company up for sale to our online followers and calling it, ‘cloud-funding.’ Get it? We’re raising money for new products using our Microsoft cloud computing package.”

When it was explained to Mrs. Nectar that raising capital via online communities is commonly referred to as crowd-funding and is one of the most widely used methods for generating investment funds she said, “Crowd-funding? You see – people are already trying to copy us.”

Innis and Gunn sold over 23 million bottles of beer in 2015, which the company claim is a world first – selling beer in bottles that is.

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