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furniture destroyed by pets - The W1nners' Club

IKEA – also expecting to launch a pre-burst child’s football next year (crying child not included)…..


IKEA has just launched a new collection of pre-destroyed furniture designed exclusively for pets.


The Lurvig furniture range, which means “hairy” in Swedish, made its pilot launch in five countries at the start of October and was inspired by the IKEA Head Product Designer’s badly behaved pet collie ‘Hjalmar.’

IKEA Head Product Designer Mr. Rick Etytable said, “I wouldn’t say he’s badly behaved as such, but I can only go away on holiday in Sweden these days because no boarding kennel will take him. He has so far managed to get through five separate dog walkers as a result of his free spirit when enjoying the outdoors and it’s fair to say he’s a bit like the Banks children in Mary Poppins with regards to behaving himself with the people I employ to look after him. I came to the realisation that the unruly pet market is quite considerable in size, so we created the Lurvig range for people who want to own quality furniture in their homes, but know it will get destroyed by their dog as soon as it’s assembled.”

As well as bean bags that come with a specially positioned hole so that the beads will get strewn across your living room floor as soon as the dog realises It can climb inside, the new range also includes pre-chewed window blinds, chairs and tables with scratches on the legs and a sofa that has had soil from a plant pot tossed over it before it left the factory.

When developing the collection, IKEA worked closely with people that have owned a pet in the past, but who swear blind that they will never do it again after shelling out several thousand pounds on new carpets that were destroyed by an unruly puppy.

“The piece that I’m most proud of in the new range is our settee cushion. I think we really hit the nail on the head with that one because it looks like a pack of hyenas have descended upon it believing there’s a helpless Springbok trapped inside,” Mr. Etytable added.


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