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Sports Direct – The website has witnessed an increase in (human) traffic recently


The Sports Direct Shirebrook warehouse has been embroiled in fresh controversy after human trafficking migrants working there asked to be returned home after less than a week on the job.


The migrants have also indicated that they plan on taking legal action against the people that arranged their transportation over to the UK citing a, ‘shocking misrepresentation of the kind of life they could expect to live,’ whilst working at the sport retailer.

Sports Direct’s Human Resources Director Mrs. Minny Mumwage said, “I can confirm that the migrants working at Sports Direct as a result of a human trafficking scam have asked to be returned to their country of origin without delay and that a number of our UK born staff that have been with the company a while have asked to go with them.”

Upon arrival in the UK, the 18 migrants were told that they would have work and accommodation, but their travel documents and bank accounts were seized and a majority of their wages were held from them – although it’s unclear at this point whether this was done by the human traffickers or is simply one of the terms of employment for working at Sports Direct.

The latest revelations will come as a fresh blow to the retailer, who is currently in the process of trying to rebuild its reputation after numerous public scandals in 2016 — including alleged “Victorian” working conditions at the same Shirebrook warehouse.

One migrant who escaped from a particularly war ravaged part of the world and didn’t want to be named for fear of reprisals said, “We have witnessed murder, rape, war, torture, starvation and the most depressing degradation of the human spirit – we’ve only been working at Shirebrook for a few days!”

Sports Direct have not yet issued an official statement in response to the crisis because the person whose job it is to do so was caught trying to leave the premises hiding in the back of a tomato truck bound for Syria.

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