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Grumpy Cat - The W1nners' Club

Grumpy Cat – now absolutely loaded but still grumpy……


Grumpy Cat is apparently still grumpy despite being awarded $710,000 (£500,000) in a copyright case by a California federal court.


Grumpy Cat Limited sued the US coffee company Grenade for exceeding an agreement over the cat’s image rights and despite now being able to buy more balls of wool than any single moggie could ever get through in an entire lifetime, Grumpy Cat still hasn’t so much as managed a mild smirk in response to her recent good fortune.

Grumpy Cat Ltd’s Head of Copyright Mr. Roy Alties said, “There’s no way you’re going to get Grumpy Cat to break out into a smile any time soon – she just loves being grumpy. We’ve tried everything to try to get her to at least pretend she’s in a good mood such as tickling her belly, sprinkling catnip over her dinner and showing her videos of stray dogs in cages at Battersea dogs home, but all she does is look back at us with that same, glum yet adorable expression that suggests she’d rather be doing something else, somewhere else – in the company of someone else.”

In 2013 Grenade Beverage struck a $150,000 deal to market iced coffee beverages with the cat’s famous scowl on its packaging, but Grumpy Cat Limited sued them in 2015 for breaching that contract because they argued, the cat’s scowl on the product wasn’t anywhere near as grumpy as Grumpy Cat is in real life and therefore this constitutes a misrepresentation of the feline superstar’s image.

Grumpy Cat, real name Tardar Sauce, first found fame in 2012 after photographs of her permanently sour expression emerged online and since then she has gone on to charm the world with her unique ability to remain po-faced regardless of the amount of happiness that surrounds her at any given time.

“You could force feed Grumpy Cat enough Prozac to get most people grinning like a Cheshire cat and you still wouldn’t get a smile out of her. England winning a penalty shoot out against Germany in a world cup final, Katie Hopkins being sentenced by a court to be put in medieval stocks whilst members of the public are invited to throw rotten food at her – none of this would cause the corners of Grumpy Cat’s mouth to even suggest a quiver of upward movement,” Mr. Alties added.



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