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Greggs advent calendar – impossible to eat multiple items at once because Sue behind the counter won’t let you…


Greggs have announced the launch of a new life-sized advent calendar that is designed for people who can’t resist opening multiple doors at once.


The calendar will include an array of festive items such as the festive Bake, flavoured lattes, mince pies and classic delights such as the sausage roll – but customers won’t be able to gorge themselves on several days’ worth of items on the 1st December like you would when you have a Lindt calendar and you’re looking for the little balls with the white chocolate filling.

Greggs’ Head of Festive Pastry Products Mr. Egon Flower said, “We knew that simply sticking one of our pasties behind a cardboard door on a huge advent calendar was a big no-no because the sort of people that like to eat an entire week’s worth of chocolate from a normal advent calendar on the first day of Christmas would probably end up with toxic shock if they did that with our pasties. Our advent calendar therefore only has one huge door, but it can be opened every day in the run up to Christmas between the hours of 07:30am and 18:30pm.”

The Greggs advent calendar has been hailed as visionary by advent calendar makers the world over who have been quick to note that unlike most advent calendars where all the items are purchased at once and then opened every day according to the date, the Greggs calendar allows customers to open the same door across the entire Christmas period and pay for the items contained in the calendar individually.

Customers that open their Greggs advent calendar before 11am will be treated to items such as a pot of Greggs porridge, the sausage breakfast roll and the egg breakfast roll instead of the usual array of pasties, but customers have been warned that it may take a little longer to obtain their items if they open the door during busy periods like early mornings and lunchtimes.

“The only problem with our new advent calendar is the number above the door doesn’t always correspond with the dates contained in a normal calendar. For example, the one I have has ‘Unit 48’ written above because it’s situated in a shopping centre arcade,” Mr. Flower added.


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