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Finnair – customer’s baggage will be told to remain seated in the event of am emergency landing…..


Finnair has started to weigh its customers at the check-in desk instead of their baggage The W1nners’ Club can reveal.


The airline has decided to increase its payload efficiency by placing passengers in the baggage hold and putting their personal items in the seats that they have booked.

Finnair’s Head of Flight Bookings Mrs. Isla Seat said, “Airlines know what the aircraft weighs, what the check-in luggage weighs, but not what passengers weigh – so we often find that if you have a flight that contains a family or a hen party that are all overweight, the plane can really struggle to stay airborne if they all sit next to each other. By weighing our passengers at check-in and putting people in the baggage hold, we can drive extra efficiencies that will prevent us having to rev one of the engines at full power whilst the other lays idle because everybody on that side of the plane goes to the gym a lot.”

The Finnish carrier has stated that it will still maintain its system of ticket allocation, with first class seats being reserved for customers that have baggage made by either Louis Vuitton, Prada or Gucci – the theory being they won’t go quite as wild in trying to down as much free booze as is humanly possible – the baggage that is!

Passengers will be asked to strip to their underwear before being weighed at the check-in desk, although customers with priority boarding tickets can elect to have their clothes removed on their behalf by a special team who have been specially trained for the job.

“We have people of all different shapes and sizes that fly with us. It’s only when you see somebody having a sticky label attached to their wrist and being flung onto the conveyor belt half-dressed that you realise we’re all quite similar really apart from the odd pimple or birthmark,” Mrs. Seat added.


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