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fake followers on Twitter - The W1nners' Club

Fake Followers – users should be wary of accounts with lots of followers owned by somebody with no discernible talent of any kind….


A whole host of supposedly famous celebrities may not actually be famous after a number of public figures have admitted buying fake followers on Twitter.


New York’s chief prosecutor has opened an investigation into a ‘follower factory’ firm named Devumi that allegedly sold millions of fake followers to social media users and could as a result be the only reason why anybody has ever heard of Justin Bieber.

New York State’s Chief Prosecutor Justice Connie Victions said, “These latest revelations cast a lot of doubt about who is actually famous anymore. You only have to switch on the television these days and watch a reality TV show to see that some of our biggest TV stars aren’t actually famous. Take Gogglebox for example. That’s a program where normal people who are not famous are filmed watching programs on the television on a Saturday night just like anyone else – but if you look at how many Twitter followers they’ve got, they have more people following them than the number of people who tune in regularly to watch the f*cking programme they’re on!”

The New York Times published a report on Devumi that included interviews with people who allege their account details and profile pictures had been copied to create realistic “bots” and legal experts are currently weighing up the benefits of bringing a class action for anybody that has been outed as a follower of Khloe Kardashian as a result of having their identity stolen.

High follower accounts on social media can hugely impact public opinion or bring other advantages such as job offers or sponsorship deals – which in our opinion has to be the only reason why anyone’s ever heard of the British TV Chef Paul Hollywood.

“The issue of fake followers on Twitter has to be dealt with severely because it has the potential to make even the most random individuals appear really successful. Donald Trump was doing okay before he opened a twitter account but several tweets later and he ended up in the f*cking White House,” Justice Victions added.


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