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Facebook – seeing old school friend’s sunday lunch pics could be enough to make you fall in love again…..


The new ‘Take a break’ feature introduced by Facebook is said by experts to be responsible for more than 99% of make up sex.


Having the ability to block an ex-partner from the news feed is said to be so effective when It comes to coping with the emotional stress of a failed relationship that people inevitably end up sleeping with each other again before the 30 day blocking period is over.

Facebook’s Head of Becoming Newly Single Ms. Mary G. Guidance said, “When you absolutely and categorically can’t stand your partner anymore, the take a break feature is probably the single best way of getting your relationship back on track. Leaving toe nail clippings by the sink, hair down the plug hole, farting under the duvet – these are the type of things that can cause people to change their relationship status from ‘in a relationship’ to ‘single’, but after a few weeks spent without having someone to prepare your packed lunches every day, people soon start to change their minds.”

The take a break option gives users control over when they see certain people on the site, what those people can see, and who can view their past posts – a great way to help you gradually forget about an old flame until you realise that they have also blocked you and therefore don’t give a shit about you anymore.

Analysis published by Facebook following an internal study found that the type of sex people have after not seeing each other’s news feed for a few weeks after a break up was significantly better due to the fact that each partner is secretly paranoid that the other may have already slept with someone else.

“Millions of people break up on Facebook each week, changing their relationship status from ‘in a relationship’ to ‘single’, but our evidence shows that once people realise being single is bloody hard work, they soon learn to tolerate each other’s annoying habits again,” Ms. Guidance added.


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