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Elon Musk – may not lose his licence on appeal if the true identity of ‘Starman’ can be confirmed…..


Elon Musk was handed a speeding ticket when his cherry red Tesla roadster was clocked doing 11km/second just outside Earth’s lower orbit.


The tech entrepreneur has apparently appealed the issuing of a fine for the speed violation, stating that he wasn’t actually driving the vehicle when the excessive speeds were recorded.

SpaceX’s Head of Staff Motoring Offences Mr. Ian Surance said, “we can confirm that it was our CEO Elon Musk’s Tesla that was recorded hurtling through space at approximately 39,600 km per hour, but as we stated on the evidence form that was submitted to the Department of Motor Vehicles – Mr. Musk was not actually driving the car at the time so therefore should not lose his driving licence simply because he was attempting to send a car into orbit around Mars. We will be appealing the conviction on the grounds that the driver that was photographed in control of the vehicle at the time of the violation isn’t actually a named driver on Mr. Musk’s car insurance policy.”

The driver of the vehicle’s identity has been revealed to be that of a certain individual named ‘Starman,’ who was allegedly hired by SpaceX to transport Mr. Musk’s motor car to the red planet and police are said to be interested in speaking to the person in question due to his uncanny likeliness with another serial driving offender known only as ‘The Stig’ – although they do concede that apprehending him may prove difficult as he is currently half way through the asteroid belt.

Traffic officials suspect that ‘Starman,’ may still be in regular contact with the Tesla founder, as Mr. Musk yesterday tweeted a picture of his old Tesla car orbiting over Australia, meaning an additional offence of using a mobile phone while driving a motor vehicle may be added to the charge sheet.

“As things stand at the moment, ‘Starman’ is facing charges of motor racing on the highway, Failure to give information as to the identity of a driver, using a vehicle with defective brakes and using a vehicle with defective steering. They were going to charge him with using a vehicle uninsured against third party risks but the court accepts that no car insurance policy currently covers anyone for asteroid collisions or being caught in the tractor beam of an alien spacecraft,” Mr. Surance added.


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