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Flight delays - THe W1nners' Club

The Easyjet CEO hopes to be a runway success at ITV


Easyjet Chief Executive Carolyn McCall has announced that she will step down from her current role to take up a position as the new Head of ITV.


Despite the TV channel’s former boss leaving in June of this year, it is thought that Ms. McCall won’t be taking up her new position until the end of the year due to delays.

Easyjet Chairman Mr. Jim Bowe-Jett said, “Ms. McCall has said that she won’t just take off and leave before the end of 2017 and has given us a bit of latitude as to what her expected departure time will be. After seven years with the company, Ms McCall has decided to refuel her career with an increased payload at ITV.”

Ms. McCall’s captaincy has seen Easyjet’s share price soar to three times its previous height since she first took the controls, and her callsign over the period has been the payment of over £1.2bn in dividends to shareholders who, not surprisingly, have generally elected to stay on board.

Easyjet’s new Chief Executive will have to navigate the airline through the upcoming turbulence of Brexit, but it is hoped that by repositioning a new airline in Vienna named Easyjet Europe, the company can avoid being blown off course and maintain its heading after the UK’s EU no-show.

“Peter Duffy our company’s Commercial Director, and Andrew Findlay, our Chief Financial Officer are both on standby to take Ms. McCall’s seat. Whoever our new CEO is, they’ll need to come with very little baggage and be aware that the board doesn’t accept passengers. Whoever we ultimately place in the cockpit will need to be flexible with regard to compensation – as everybody knows it’s almost impossible to get reimbursed by Easyjet in the event of a cancellation,” Mr. Bowe-Jett added.


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