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Dyson: the company says its new ‘road sweeper’ electric car prototype isn’t a road sweeper….


Dyson unveiled the prototype for its new electric car this week and motoring enthusiasts have commented on how similar it looks to a bog-standard road sweeper.


The battery-powered vehicle is due to be launched in 2020 and 400 staff have been working on the secret project for the past two years at the company’s headquarters in Malmesbury, Wiltshire – with most of the test drivers having been recruited from the local council’s street cleaning department.

Dyson’s Head of Waste Management Mr. Dusty Binns said, “despite claims to the contrary by the so-called ‘experts,’ I can confirm that our electric car is not based on the design for a road sweeper. It may have a vacuum cleaner attached underneath it, it may have brushes at the front and an orange flashlight on top, but our design is a radically different one that we hope will help to stake Dyson’s claim in the increasingly competitive electric car industry.”

Motoring experts have been quick to draw parallels between Dyson’s latest unveiling and a device that was proposed by the company in the 1990s for cleaning soot from the exhaust of diesel vehicles – a product that was later relaunched as the cyclone vacuum cleaner. Electric vehicle aficionados are therefore concerned that Dyson’s new electric car will simply be nothing more than a road sweeper that has been featured on the tv show Pimp my Ride.

Sir James Dyson has stated that his company will be spending an extra £1billion to make sure that his electric car can still be used in the unlikely event of a breakdown, and each vehicle will come equipped with a reflective safety jacket and a broom to ensure that drivers can continue doing whatever it is they were doing when they first started their journey before the vehicle broke down.

“This car will not be aimed at the mass market. It’s basically going to be targeted at people who spend a lot of their working lives in the outdoors and who strongly identify with the TV character ‘Trigger’ from Only Fools and Horses,” Mr. Binns added.


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