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Dove – Upholding the principle of real beauty


Dove has brought out a range of body-shaped bottles as part of their “Real Beauty” campaign that are shaped like Essex bricklayers.


The body washes are designed to reflect the “one of a kind” body shapes of their consumers who can often be found working on building sites and eating fry ups in transit cafes up and down the country.

Dove’s Head of Building and Construction Beauty Mr. Bill Dingsite said, “Each of our new bottles evokes the shapes, sizes, curves and edges that combine to make every woman their very own limited edition. They’re a limited edition because not many women who have a keen interest in beauty and personal care look like they’ve just come back from a day spent filming an episode of Auf Wiedersehn Pet.”

The new bottles have been sent to various “influencers” and fans, but it’s not yet clear if the products will be made available to the general public as most women don’t appreciate being told they look like an overweight welder that has a copy of The Daily Sport rolled up in their back pocket.

Dove recently launched its “Real Beauty Pledge”, a set of three principles the company says it will uphold when dealing with issues concerning the portrayal of female beauty in its adverts.

The three principles in question are:

  1. Always feature women with facial hair who also have a tattoo of a British Bulldog on their left shoulder or forearm.
  2. Strive to portray women as 15 stone blokes that wear rigger boots and swear a lot.
  3. Help girls build body confidence by placing a Kelly Brook calendar on the wall in the mobile canteen.


“The new body wash bottles are designed to spark a lively debate and discussion about what real beauty means. If we can convince a woman that she’s beautiful even though she looks like Rab C. Nesbitt, we should sell a hell of a lot more bars of soap as a result,” Mr. Dingsite added.


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