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Mickey Mouse - The W1nners' Club

Disney Character Mickey Mouse – a potential threat to national security until his place of birth can be verified


Walt Disney Chief Executive Bob Iger was forced to defend his seat on President Trump’s business advisory council after Mickey Mouse was accused of being an illegal immigrant.


Facing tough questions from Mr. Trump regarding his inclusion on the council, the chief executive said he had no plans to step down from the group even though Disney’s most famous character speaks in a strange accent and looks about as American as Barack Obama, whom everybody knows was born in Kenya according to the President.

In response to one question, Iger said he could not confirm Mickey Mouse’s place of birth, but also suggested to Mr. Trump that the cartoon mouse is a figment of the imagination and therefore not real, meaning his place of birth should not be a deciding factor in whether Disney has a seat on the council or not.

President Trump first raised concerns over Disney’s allegedly lax recruitment criteria after watching Pocahontas for the fourth time and questioning whether an American actress could have been used to play the lead role rather than somebody who was clearly either Mexican, Syrian or possibly from somewhere in Africa.

The President has also questioned the immigration status of Bambi, Dumbo and most of the cast from the Jungle Book, but went on to state that The Incredibles were just the sort of hardworking American family that need to be protected from illegal low-skilled labour.

Mr. Trump said: “Illegal immigrants and other non-citizens, in our prisons and jails together, have around 25,000 homicide arrests to their names. We will build a great wall around Disneyland and Disney will pay for the wall. One hundred percent. They don’t know it yet, but they’re going to pay for it. And they’re great people and great leaders but they’re going to pay for the wall goddammit.”

Disney’s CEO stated that both The United States and Disney have benefited from an open and fair immigration policy and that policies that single people out by religion are unfair and unjust. Mr. Iger also said the idea that The Hunchback of Notre Dame could be an Islamist terrorist simply because he hails from Paris where they have lots of Muslims is quite frankly ridiculous – mainly because he isn’t even real.


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