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Cristiano Ronaldo – the statue’s image rights were less expensive….


Concerns have been raised over Snapchat’s Champions League final Cristiano Ronaldo lens which lets fans apply a real-time filter to their selfies to show support for their favourite team.


The Cristiano Ronaldo lens is rumoured to be modelled on his bronze statue that stands in Madeira airport and will give fans the opportunity to look like a cross between Niall Quinn and Sloth from The Goonies in their photographs.

Snapchat’s Head of Football Mr. Fergie Time said, “We decided to model the Cristiano Ronaldo Champions League final lens on his statue as it’s almost as famous as his normal image is – albeit for completely different reasons of course. Also, trying to buy Cristiano Ronaldo’s actual image rights is a bit like trying to buy happiness. The new lens will give Real Madrid fans a dynamic, fun way to get in on the action and show support for their team whilst looking like they’re about to have a stroke.”

There are over 50 million daily Snapchatters across Europe and many are football fans, although critics have warned that it’s unlikely people will want to post images of themselves looking like the inbred cousin of arguably the most recognisable footballer on Earth.

Snapchat remains tight-lipped about any future lenses it’s developing, but rumours suggest the tech company may be working on other celebrity facial disaster filters such as the Leslie Ash ‘trout pout’ and Katie Hopkins going about her business on a normal working day.

“There’s going to be lots of awesome things that Snapchat users will be able to do to show support for their team at this year’s Champions League final. If your team is losing, you’ll be able to use our ‘winning team’ filter to place the winning side’s football kit onto the players in the team that you support. The Cristiano Ronaldo lens is however our piece de resistance. I mean who wouldn’t want to look like Cristiano Ronaldo after a serious car accident?” Mr. Time added.


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