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Gym Membership

Citizen’s Advice says people should carefully consider the consequences of taking up a gym membership in 2018


Citizen’s Advice has confirmed that it is advising consumers to think carefully before signing up for a gym membership in 2018.


The charity received an average of six complaints every day about gyms and fitness clubs during 2017 and says that the majority of problems could be avoided if people simply put a bit more imagination into what their new year’s resolution will be for the coming 12 months.

Citizen’s Advice’s Head of Unrealistic Lifestyle Changes Mr. Jim Member said, “It is important that everybody considers very carefully whether they actually want to sign up for a gym membership in 2018. Of course it’d be great to end up looking like a young Arnold Schwarzenegger, but in order to end up looking like Arnold Schwarzenegger, you’d have to give up everything that would make it worthwhile to look like Arnold Schwarzenegger. People should consider an alternative new year’s resolution that requires less discipline like finally learning to play the guitar or finishing that novel you started.”

In the year to the end of November, over 60,000 people searched the Citizen’s Advice website for information on how to cancel memberships which has led some consumer experts to concede that the majority of people are likely to quit and will be back smoking and drinking every day as a result of being so traumatised because of time spent in a High Intensity Interval Training class.

Among some of the complaints that aspiring gym members made were:

  • Having to shower next to someone with an unrealistically large penis.
  • Struggling not to look like a pervert when the Yoga class is on.
  • Being in agony for a week after every session.
  • Not being able to go to the pub on a lunchtime or after work anymore.

“It’s really important to do your homework before signing up to any gym, health club or fitness studio. You might think you want the body of an Adonis or to look like an Instagram fitness guru, but once you see how much effort it takes you’ll soon realise that you were infinitely happier when you were a fat f*ck,” Mr. Member added.


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