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Celebrities – refusing to f*ckoff after 24 hours….


The Advertising Standards Authority (ASA) says a number of celebrities have broken the rules for advertising on Snapchat by not disappearing from the spotlight after 24 hours.


A recent investigation revealed former Geordie Shore and Celebrity Big Brother cast member Marnie Simpson had uploaded a Snapchat Story but was still spotted on the front cover of various celebrity magazines and opening a South Shields shopping mall more than 24 hours after the post originally appeared.

The Advertising Standards Authority’s Head of Public Decency Mr. Phil Page-Colour said, “The rules for posting a story on Snapchat are quite clear if you’re a celebrity. You post a picture of yourself hanging out with some boy band singer and then after 24 hours you f*ck off – it’s as simple as that. Goodnight Sooty, Finito, Arrivederci. There’s no MTV special, no Christmas record, no fragrance launch – off you go back to being a restaurant waitress or double glazing salesman.”

It is rumoured that 25 year old Ms. Simpson is still working as a “brand ambassador” for tooth polish-maker Diamond Whites, whilst her management agency, Unleashed PR, continues to market and sell a range of coloured cosmetic contact lenses called “iSpyEyes by Marnie Simpson” despite the reality star’s recent Snapchat story being uploaded on the 20th June this year.

Other recent cases where the advertising watchdog was forced to intervene include: make-up blogger Sheikhbeauty on Instagram promoting Flat Tummy Tea, a tweet by TV presenter AJ Odudu containing a photo of an Alpro dessert with text describing it as one of her favourite snacks and Made In Chelsea TV star Millie Mackintosh advertising a Britvic drink – all of which occurred after the stars in question had posted to Snapchat and not disappeared into oblivion a day later.

“The main problem is that we don’t have the legal power to fine someone for continuing to be famous despite having no discernible talent whatsoever, but we can refer them to trading standards for being ‘celebrities’ without actually doing anything worth celebrating. For example, Les Dawson made a career for himself by playing the piano really badly but at least he was good at it!” Mr. Page-Colour added.


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