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BrightHouse – company advisers aided the royal household in selecting furniture for the palace’s drawing room….


The recent Paradise Papers disclosure has revealed that Buckingham Palace is almost exclusively kitted out with furniture from the rent-to-own retailer BrightHouse.


The private estate that funds the Queen indirectly invested in the company and it is rumoured nearly all of the household goods in the Royal palace have been purchased using its affordable weekly payment plan apart from a jewel encrusted leopard skin ironing board cover that was given to her majesty by the Equatorial Guinea dictator Mr. Teodoro Obiang Nguema Mbasogo.

The Duchy of Lancaster’s Head of Royal Furnishings Mr. Al Cove-Shelving said, “It is true that a significant amount of furniture at Buckingham Palace was purchased from the retailer BrightHouse, but I can confirm that Her Majesty does not receive favourable repayment terms simply because she has invested in the company. Only the other day a new white Lexington dressing table and chair was purchased for one of the rooms in the scullery maid’s quarters but it will still cost the royal household a weekly payment of £6 to be repaid over 156 weeks.”

The high interest rates charged by Brighthouse mean that items can cost many times more than those bought through conventional high street outlets and The Duchy has been criticised for wasting tax payer funds when items from somewhere like John Lewis would project a much better image of the nation when foreign dignitaries pop round to the palace for tea and biscuits.

BrightHouse, which has about 300 stores selling televisions, fridges and washing machines through plans with interest rates as high as 99% in some cases, refuses to confirm which of its items are currently in use at the palace for fear of causing damage to its brand image.

“The Duchy’s investment in Brighthouse is through a third party and equates to £3,208 for which Her Majesty received a Caress 5″ King Size Memory Foam Mattress, a Sony Blu-ray Player & Home Theatre System with Bluetooth and a Nitro Concepts E200 Gaming chair. The pay now price of these items amounts to £864 but the palace has insisted it pays the interest on these items as well to thwart any accusations of financial impropriety,” Mr. Cove-Shelving added.


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