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remote control Mini - The W1nners' club

Electric Mini – currently available at Argos for £12.99


BMW has committed to building a fully electric version of the Mini in the UK regardless of the outcome of Brexit trade negotiations.


The company says that it has “neither sought nor received” any reassurances from the UK Government on post-Brexit trading arrangements, so as a result will focus its efforts on constructing an electric vehicle that will thwart concerns about Britain’s suitability as an export hub after Brexit.

BMW’s Head of Remote Control Children’s Toys Mr. Ray Dio said, “the economic case for building the electric mini at our Cowley plant in Oxford is compelling. For a start, this is not a brand new car that has to be redesigned from the ground up. The injection moulded plastic body and independent spring suspension system can all be manufactured in-house, it’s only the remote control that will have to be imported – most likely from a sweatshop in China that also makes mobile phone cases and selfie sticks.”

The electric Mini will be based on the company’s 3-door hatchback model, but BMW is yet to unveil a prototype vehicle as Toys R Us don’t currently have any in stock.

UK Business Secretary Greg Clark hailed the announcement by BMW as a “vote of confidence” for government plans to make Britain “the go-to place in the world for the next generation of vehicles” and has already set out plans to invest in the development of battery technology in the UK – most likely 4x AA size which won’t be included in the packaging.

“Brexit uncertainty means we have to remain flexible with regards to making a commitment in terms of our production arrangements. Our contingency plans for the electric Mini means that we won’t have to use the alternative manufacturing base in the Netherlands that we’ve secretly been constructing in case everything goes tits up in the UK for all our electric models. Instead we will build our remote control kids toy version in the UK, and the full size car will more than likely get built in The Netherlands,” Mr Dio added.


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