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Amazon’s Alexa – Gets the ‘marry’ vote in a game of ‘shag, marry, avoid’


9 out of 10 blokes think that Amazon’s Alexa voice assistant would make a much better wife than Apple’s Siri according to a recent study.


Whilst Siri has a small set of specific talents that she does extremely well, Alexa is considered to be much more rounded and will perform a wider variety of tasks in the home.

Amazon’s Head of Conscious Coupling Mrs. Ffion Say said, “Most blokes wouldn’t mind a bit of Siri because she’s great for the fun stuff. She can hail you an Uber after a night out on the lash, she’s a fantastic training partner if you go to the gym a lot and like most flings – she’s pretty good at helping you spend your money online. Alexa on the other hand might not look quite as sexy now that Siri has had a makeover, but most men think she’s the one you’d want to settle down and build a home with.”

Apple have recently attempted to make Siri more homely by giving her the capacity to play the music of your choice using nothing more than voice commands – a huge plus given the extent to which music taste can cause friction in a relationship, but this is still a far cry from the 12,000 or so tasks that’s Alexa can handle.

Alexa will order a pizza from Domino’s for you if it’s explained in very precise language exactly what it is you want for example, while Siri won’t order food online because she’s a bit high maintenance.

“Our long term goal is to make speaking with Alexa as natural and easy as possible, so we’re looking at ways to improve this over time. At the moment she’s very good natured and will jump through hoops to make the relationship work, but if it’s stimulating conversation and a trophy partner you’re after, then I’m afraid you’ll probably spend a lot of time dreaming about Siri. Don’t be fooled by her though. She can be a bit of a cow when it comes to doing anything she doesn’t want to do,” Mrs. Say added.


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