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BBC – Carole Walker demonstrates the, ‘slow news,’ concept


Users of the BBC iPlayer service have expressed concern over plans to make TV programmes available in their entirety before they are screened on television.


Viewers have highlighted potential problems in certain areas, most notably when it comes to watching the news.

Habitual TV license payer Mrs. Chanel Fore said, “In my opinion, streaming the news in its entirety before it’s even taken place might pose some problems in terms of journalistic credibility. How are we supposed to believe that UKIP have won the 2020 general election if it hasn’t even happened yet?”

The BBC plan to double the amount of people using its iPlayer service each week from 10 million to 20 million, and quadruple the number of hours spent on it from an average of 30 minutes to 2 hours, hence the decision to allow downloads of Match of the Day featuring games that haven’t been played yet.

“It’s the weather forecast that bothers me,” said Mrs. Fore. “It’s one thing to sit on a sofa with a packet of Doritos binge watching upcoming Sherlock Holmes episodes, but to watch 40 different weather forecasts in succession, several months in advance will be a nightmare. Michael Fish will be stood there telling us there’s no hurricaine coming in five month’s time and no one will believe him!”

It’s feared by viewers that vital plot twists may lose their effect if everyone knows what is going to happen, having already seen the streamed version – although programmes like Eastenders may benefit from the inevitable pantomime based format that will arise as people tweet, ‘he’s behind you!’ at key moments of the show.

One of the ways the BBC plans to deal with the issue of time dilation in regard to news broadcasts, is to run, ‘slow news,’ that will involve the presenter combing their hair (see picture above) or speaking really slowly as if the iPlayer isn’t loading properly – the theory being that by the time the broadcast has finished, the news item in question may have actually taken place.

“That’ll be just like watching the iPlayer in its current format,” said Mrs Fore is response.

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