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Aston Martin - The W1nners' Club

Aston Martin – raising the bar when it comes to luxury living space…


Aston Martin has announced that its proposed luxury apartment development will feature housing units that come fitted with heated rear windows.


The carmaker is teaming up with a property developer to offer luxury high-rise apartments, but property experts remain sceptical about the plan due to the lack of living space available inside an average two-door V12 Vantage S roadster.

Aston Martin’s Head of Off Plan Property Sales Mr. Ian Ventory said, “the traditional sports car is under threat as countries like the UK move to end the sale of combustion vehicles in the coming decades, so what better way to pivot the business than by using all the cars we make and turning them into luxury apartments? A lot of the sceptics have criticised us and questioned why anybody would want to live in an Aston Martin, but if you compare the price of a DB11 Volante with what you’d get if you tried to buy a flat in a run down part of East London for the same price, living in an Aston Martin is a no-brainer really.”

The interior of the apartments will be developed by Aston Martin’s design team featuring elements such as an Alcantara Steering Wheel, a carbon fibre parcel shelf and a metal gear knob – all of which are great to show off to guests if you’re hosting a dinner party on the back seat.

Aston Martin’s new property development also offers direct access to a yacht marina which features amenities including a spa, cinemas, an art gallery and a virtual golf room – all of which are less than a ten minute drive away down the road.

“We’re going after the same clientele as Porsche who have their 60-storey Design Tower. Whereas the Porsche project offers a car elevator for a drive-to-your-room experience, we can offer a drive-in-your-room experience because your room is the car – so unfortunately we’ll only be accepting offers from people that have a full, clean driving licence,” Mr. Ventory added.


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