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ASOS – ‘try before you buy’ has generated record returns (but not in a good way)!


The new ASOS ‘try before you buy’ service has witnessed the online retailer receiving a record number of customer returns for its bridal products.


The online fashion retailer remains confused as to why customers have been ordering bridal wear via the new scheme and then returning it after only a couple of days.

ASOS’ Head of New Ideas that Could Potentially Go Horribly Wrong Mr. Phil Fullment said, “our ‘try before you buy’ service offers customers the chance to have orders delivered to their home address without paying and they can then send back the items they don’t like whilst only paying for the ones they want. The system has been working great so far but for some reason a disproportionate number of wedding items keep getting returned. Customers have said that they love the goods and would definitely use us again, but for some reason once they’ve had them for a couple of days they don’t appear to require them anymore unless they have another wedding to go to.”

ASOS attracts a massive 146 million visitors every month to its website and many of those customers have stated that they will almost certainly be purchasing their bridal wear from ASOS if it means they won’t have to pay for their goods if they return them within 30 days.

Despite the incredibly generous terms of sale with the new scheme, critics say ‘try before you buy’ is merely a gimmick because nobody attends a wedding without spilling a bit of red wine down the front of their suit jacket or losing a shoe, so in practice it’ll be almost impossible to obtain free wedding clobber unless you have an extremely efficient dry cleaner.

“Clearly our wedding gear is very popular because it’s being ordered in record numbers, but when it comes to paying everybody simply sends it back before the 30 days are up. You’d think that if somebody chose the perfect wedding dress they’d want to keep it until the next time they need it,” Mr. Fullment added.


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