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Chanel Didgeridoos – go well with Chanel timeless handbags according to the ebay listing


An Aboriginal man has been denounced on social media for appropriating western culture by producing a $2,000 Chanel didgeridoo line that has been derided as the ultimate in trademark infringement.


The Eucalyptus tree trunk segments that have been drilled out by termites are available on ebay or Amazon in the luxury products section.

Chanel’s Head of Intellectual Property Mr. Trey D. Marks said, “Just who does this Aboriginal man think he is eh? You can’t just put a load of normal didgeridoos on sale and then write ‘Chanel’ on the mouthpiece without a proper licensing agreement. Our trademark and brand are an extremely important part of our company’s culture and I’ll be damned if we’re going to let someone cash in on it without paying us a royalty of some kind. Some people have no respect for the tradition and heritage contained in our company history!”

Over 80,000 people liked the photo of the Chanel didgeridoos on Instagram, where a heated debate ensued about the exploitation of western culture by indigenous people the world over.

One person wrote that it, “Humiliates a whole culture. How are you supposed to be the envy of your mates wearing Chanel at a pool party if anyone can use the brand to sell whatever ridiculous product pops into their head next?”

A Premium Brands officer at the Australian Museum said the Chanel didgeridoos were a crass example of how indigenous people continually try to make a quick buck by simplifying western culture and luxury products by turning them into “cliche objects”.

“This is no better than the fake Tag Heuer watches and Adidas Tracksuits with only two stripes you get from Thailand………except this is much pricier. At $2000 it costs the same amount of money as one of our Chanel Boomerangs,” Mr. Marks added.


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