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Footballer Wages – barely enough to afford a Rolex these days……


Three Scottish football clubs have been “named and shamed” for paying their players less than the universally recognised minimum footballer wages of £50,000 per week.


Motherwell, Greenock Morton and Falkirk were on a list of employers that have been outed for not paying the minimum wage that a professional footballer needs in order to purchase a Lamborghini Aventador before they reach their 21st birthday.

Motherwell FC’s Head of Player transfers, Mr. Dunne Deal said, “This was an administrative error on the club’s part. When we signed one of our star players last season, the contract clearly stated that there would be a signing on bonus of £2.5 million, a £500,000 bung for the player’s agent and £50,000 for Harry Redknapp’s dog who will also receive a percentage of the gate money every week. It transpires however that the player in question was also due an extra £10,000 per week for turning up to training and a further £5000 per week for not going down like a sack of spuds every time he gets tackled, which should take his salary minus bonuses over the £50,000 per week minimum.”

A list of 28 employers that have breached pay rules in Scotland was released by the government as part of its campaign to force employers to pay workers adequately and whilst professional footballers are by no means the lowest paid professionals in the workforce, their plight has received special attention due to the complaints made by some that owning a Bentley Continental whilst still a teenager costs a fortune in insurance premiums.

The SPFL has said that all of its clubs must act in accordance with the generally recognised pay structure for professional footballers, and any club that doesn’t at least pay players enough to be able to afford a 7 bedroom mock Tudor mansion with an indoor swimming pool and tennis court before breaking into the first team should not be able to get away with ‘diddling’ them out of their pay.

“The National Living Wage was established to ensure that everyone, everywhere, receives a decent income and this also includes professional footballers. They might look like they’ve got loads of money to splash about but a Bugatti Veyron doesn’t come cheap these days you know,” Mr. Deal added.


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