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Trainee Welder - The W1nners' Club

Name: Tony Barnes

Job title: Trainee Welder

Department: Security Gate Construction

Length of time in post: 6 months

Date of appraisal: _05_/_01_/_2018_

Section A Assessment of potential:

Not fitted at present for further promotion

Not fitted at present but likely to become fitted within the next two years

Fitted for promotion

Section B Employee’s aspirations:

Describe employee’s career aspirations, noting relevant details about interests, mobility, previous experience, etc.

Tony has shown great enthusiasm for the job of trainee welder and he has already demonstrated a great willingness to put the effort in even when he has left his safety visor at home (which tends to happen far too often).

Section C Job experience:

Does the employee display abilities which may make him/her a suitable candidate for a job in the same grade but in a different discipline?

Yes        No        If ‘yes’, list job(s) identified

In our opinion we think it would be best if Tony worked in a department (any department) where he doesn’t have to work with dangerous equipment as his respect for the health and safety rules has been found to be wanting on several occasions (see picture attached).

Section D Training:

Would further training or other development action be appropriate?

Yes        No        If ‘yes’, list job(s) identified

Tony needs to learn the basic concept of first degree facial burns as he currently doesn’t seem too fazed by the idea.


Section F – Employee’s comments on assessment of potential:

I love welding more than sex!!


Signed:  signature 1 - The W1nners' Club



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