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Target Holder - The W1nners' Club

Name: Simon  Li

Job title: Target Holder

Department: North Korean Army Cadet Firearms Training School

Length of time in post: 3 full magazines and a change of underwear

Date of appraisal: __20/__11/__16

Section A: Assessment of potential

 Not fitted at present for further promotion

 Not fitted at present but likely to become fitted within the next two years

Fitted for promotion

Section B: Employee’s aspirations

Describe employee’s career aspirations, noting relevant details about interests, mobility, previous experience, etc.

Despite only being in his current position since this morning, Simon has already exceeded the average life expectancy of a target holder in the cadet division of the North Korean Army’s firearms training school. As one would imagine, the challenging nature of the role means that staff turnover tends to be quite high and we feel Simon should be rewarded with an increase in basic salary to reflect the length of time he has been with us.

Section C: Job experience

Does the employee display abilities which may make him/her a suitable candidate for a job in the same grade but in a different discipline?

 Yes/No        If ‘yes’, list job(s) identified

Simon has demonstrated a calmness under pressure that we rarely ever witness in people employed as target holders. Usually we would expect staff in the above role to drop the sign and attempt to scale the fence in blind panic as soon as the first stray bullet grazes their cheek, but his professionalism shows that he could also be successfully deployed in our parachute testing division, or minefield clearance department.

Section D: Training

Would further training or other development action be appropriate?

 Yes/No        If ‘yes’, list job(s) identified

Simon has thus far only been a target holder for light infantry firearms training and he may find that the job presents a fresh challenge when cadets reach the semi-automatic rifle and Rocket Propelled Grenade part of the course. We therefore think an intensive course of post-traumatic stress counselling sessions would prepare him for the next stage of his career.


Reporting Manager Signed: Derek Yu

Section E Countersigning manager’s comments

Confirm whether the employee has/has not demonstrated suitability for promotion. Explain any areas of disagreement with the reporting manager’s assessment.

I concur that Simon should be promoted. Let’s see if he keeps it together when everyone comes back after a couple of beers at lunch.


Signed: Bruce Yeung

Section F – Employee’s comments on assessment of potential

This is the only job i’ve ever had where getting promoted might just be the death of me!


Signed: Simon Li

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