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stud farm - The w1nners' club


Name: Sara Mcilroy

Job title: Equine Fluffer

Department: Ejaculatory Procurement

Length of time in post: 2 years

Date of appraisal: __24/__06/__2017

Section A Assessment of potential

Not fitted at present for further promotion

Not fitted at present but likely to become fitted within the next two years

Fitted for promotion

Section B Employee’s aspirations

Describe employee’s career aspirations, noting relevant details about interests, mobility, previous experience, etc.

Sarah has shown an amazing capacity for getting the horses into the mood during stud season. She has herself stated that her previous career as a racehorse trainer gave her the ability to develop an understanding with the horses that she worked with. Even though Sarah was fired from her previous role for professional impropriety with a young thoroughbred, her experience has proved invaluable when it comes to getting the horses on side here at the stud farm.

Section C Job experience

Does the employee display abilities which may make him/her a suitable candidate for a job in the same grade but in a different discipline?

 Yes        No        If ‘yes’, list job(s) identified

Absolutely. Our fear is that she may one day get poached by a Chinese zoo due to her unique ability to get animals aroused – if she could do the same thing with panda bears she’d be worth a fortune!

Section D Training

Would further training or other development action be appropriate?

 Yes        No        If ‘yes’, list job(s) identified

It’s hard to see how she can improve on her already flawless technique.


Reporting Manager Signed:  signature 2 - The W1nners' Club

Section F – Employee’s comments on assessment of potential

I have an unbridled passion for working with horses and thankfully I’ve been saddled with my dream job. Even though I haven’t worked here furlong, I hope to continue with my mane job before I take the reigns in a higher position.


Signed: horse sketch - The W1nners' Club



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