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Original Apple Computer - The W1nners' Club

Voucher number: 04512

Request Information:

Voucher number: 04512
Date: 24/11/2017
Amount requested: £850,000
Requested by: Simon Barnes (I.T. Purchasing)
Note: Petty cash requests must not exceed £60.00
Description of Need:
I have been told by the marketing team that we require an Apple computer for our in-house graphic designer, but I was told that under no circumstances whatsoever must we obtain a cheaper Android system because that technology is simply a copy of the technology used in the Apple graphics card. I therefore did a quick Google search using the term ‘Apple original’ and apparently they cost £850,000 if you purchase one from Bonham’s in New York via auction (see picture attached). I understand this is above our usual £60 limit, but the graphic design intern has told me categorically that nothing else will suffice.


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