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supermarket shelf stacker funny - The W1nners' Club


Date 26/05/2017


Dear Lucifer,

I am writing to tell you that you are required to attend a disciplinary meeting on Monday morning at 9am which is to be held in my office.

At this meeting the question of disciplinary action against you, in accordance with the Company Disciplinary Procedure, will be considered with regard to:

The rearrangement of the coffee mug display

I enclose the following documents:

(See Picture Attached)

The possible consequences arising from this meeting might be:

Written warning or dismissal from your position as a shelf stacker

You are entitled, if you wish, to be accompanied by another work colleague or a trade union representative.

Yours sincerely


Signed:  signature 2 - The W1nners' Club


Store Manager


PS – Whilst you have insisted on everybody calling you Lucifer on a day-to-day basis, you will have to be referred to by your real name, Paul Jones in the meeting as it has to be conducted in a formal manner. This is not in contravention of the equality act as you claim because to my knowledge, devil worshipping isn’t an officially recognised religion.


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