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Kebab Shop - The W1nners' Club


Date: 14/12/16

Dear Eunice,

You have appealed against the written warning confirmed to you in writing on 07/12/16

Your appeal will be heard by myself in the kitchen on 16/12/16 at 3am or after we’ve managed to get the last drunken reveler to leave the premises after ordering a tray of meat and chips for the fourth time in succession without handing any money over (whichever comes sooner).

You are entitled to be accompanied by a work colleague or trade union representative.

The decision of this appeal hearing is final and there is no further right of review although it must be stated Eunice that, “you try getting a 20lb slab of ground up horses’ hooves onto a f*cking skewer,” is not reflective of the professional attitude we would expect from staff here at Kebab Town. I will be speaking to each of your colleagues in turn about the correct procedure when it comes to preparing our products, but as the identified ringleader, I am duty bound to deal with any concerns I have with you first.

Yours sincerely


Signature - The W1nners' Club



Manager (and also your long suffering father who is only trying to get you to grow up – PLEASE!!!!)


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