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Introduction Investigation authorised by: Bryan Mulholland (Customer Complaints Director)
Investigator: Marjorie Jones (Internal Auditor)


Date investigation began: 06/07/16
Terms of reference: Customer Complaint with regard to flight SC4576D to Majorca from London Stanstead Airport on 12/06/16.


Background to the investigation: This investigation centres around incidents that took place leading up to the cancellation of flight SC4576D to Majorca. The flight was cancelled as a result of passengers refusing to sit down in their seats, thus preventing the plane taking off safely.



Process of investigation The investigation process: The investigation has been authorised due to our need to ascertain exactly who was at fault and if/or there are to be any disciplinary procedures taking place as a result of the damaging news coverage the above incident generated.




Evidence collected:

–      Photo of George Petrescu – part time baggage handler performing key engineering repairs to the aircraft’s engine

–      Various passenger statements

–      Statements from Cabin Crew

–      Police arrest reports


Evidence not collected: The handbag used by the old lady in seat number 45 C to strike the Captain when he came to ask her why she was refusing to put her seatbelt on.
Persons interviewed: The Captain of the aircraft, all members of the cabin crew that haven’t subsequently left the aviation industry, the aggressive and stubborn old lady and various other passengers involved in the ensuing fracas when one of the cabin crew tried to restrain the aggressive lady.
Persons not interviewed: Whoever it was that yelled, “Oi! Leave her alone. There’s no way I’m putting my seatbelt on either if the f*cking engine’s being held together with f*cking cellotape!”

The gentleman in question could not be identified because various other passengers then joined in the confrontation with cabin crew upon hearing that our engine was faulty.


Anonymised statements:

“Let me off this f*cking aeroplane!”

“I’m not putting my seatbelt on either!”

“There’s no way I’m letting this thing take off without a struggle!”

“kick him in the balls!”

(All of the above statements cannot be attributed to specific individuals as most of the cabin crew were by this point struggling to protect themselves under a flurry of blows from angry passengers.)


The investigation findings Summary of written and physical evidence:


1.   Cleaning bill from London Stanstead Airport airside maintenance team for the removal of various food stains and items thrown at cabin staff by passengers.

2.   Police report confirming the discharge of 3x teargas canisters aboard the plane.

3.   18x sets of disposable handcuffs used by airport security after passengers were finally removed from the aircraft.

4.   1x Set of false teeth with lipstick stains on the incisors.








Summary of witness evidence:


1.   Tweet from @jon_raymond83 containing a picture showing part-time baggage handler George Petrescu sticking masking tape onto the aircraft engine wearing surgical gloves (see attached).


2.   Statement from the Captain stating that he was called to the scene by a member of the cabin crew after an old lady in row 45 refused to put on her seatbelt claiming she wanted to speak to the Captain. Upon trying to place the seatbelt on for her, the Captain was assaulted by the lady in question as she yelled the term, “PERVERT!”


3.   Police statement confirming the receipt of a distress call from airport security after a significant number of passengers became aggressive and began to use hand luggage items as offensive projectiles as security attempted to board the plane.


4.   Statement from cabin crew confirming the old lady in seat 45 C became extremely rude when asked to put on her seatbelt. She apparently kept yelling continually, “the engine isn’t even connected to the f*cking aircraft!”








Facts established: Part-time baggage handler George Petrescu did indeed stick masking tape onto the plane’s engine wearing surgical gloves.






Facts that could not be established: Why the hell he did it??



Mitigating factors: Mr. Petrescu was wearing his reflective safety jacket when airside and was therefore not in breach of health and safety regulations.



Other relevant information: The Captain has since retired early due to stress and apparently suffers from recurring nightmares about old women with handbags.






[if required]



Formal action/Informal action/No action required


Further details on recommendation:


Strictly speaking Mr. Petrescu was not in breach of procedure and there is no precedent of such an event taking place at the company before, but it is unclear why he was seen by passengers placing a strip of masking tape onto the aircraft engine. The cancelled flight, mini-riot and bad press is rumoured to have cost the company a fortune in lost business and it should be clearly ascertained what Mr. Petrescu’s reasons were for doing such a thing. If it transpires that this was the result of him losing a bet with the guys in engineering over the football results – a formal disciplinary meeting should take place.



Investigator’s signature:    

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Date: 13/01/2017



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