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digger - The W1nners' Club

This general health and safety checklist is not exhaustive – and is provided as a general guide to assess the arrangements required.

Issue: Comments:
Is the worker new to the task? □  Yes  □  No This job is not suitable for someone who has never driven a digger before for obvious reasons (see picture attached)
Are there any physical or ability factors to consider? □  Yes  □  No A head for heights would be a huge help
Has the employee received manual handling training? □  Yes  □  No Luckily employees won’t be expected to leave the cab
Are weights of more than 16 kg involved? □  Yes  □  No Several hundred tonnes of rock to be precise
Are large pushing and/or puling forces involved? □  Yes  □  No GRAVITY!!!
Is the load difficult to handle? □  Yes  □  No Especially if you are scared of heights
Is it difficult to grip? □  Yes  □  No We sincerely hope not!
Is there frequent or prolonged bending of the body? □  Yes  □  No Only in the unfortunate event of a landslide
Is there frequent or prolonged twisting of the back? □  Yes  □  No See previous answer
Are loads moved over a long distance? □  Yes  □  No Although it can feel like forever when trying to keep the digger on the ledge
Is the environment windy? □  Yes  □  No We sincerely hope not or this could make the job infinitely more challenging
Is the floor surface uneven or slippery? □  Yes  □  No The slippery / uneven surface is one of the most challenging parts of the job
Is there adequate lighting? □  Yes  □  No Only if you do the job with your eyes open which we only advise if you don’t look down
Is there adequate space? □  Yes  □  No A sheer drop of roughly 2000 ft.

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