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Mountain Ledge Construction Worker - The W1nners' Club


This general health and safety checklist is not exhaustive – and is provided as a general guide to assess the arrangements required.

Issue: Comments:
Is the worker new to the task? □ Yes  □  No New starters should consider whether they have done the job 2000ft up the side of a mountain before as this could have a bearing on safety.
Are there any physical or ability factors to consider? □  Yes  □  No Balls of steel would be a massive help!
Has the employee received manual handling training? □  Yes  □  No Doing the job for real may prove slightly more stressful than the training role play scenarios.
Are large pushing and/or puling forces involved? □  Yes  □  No Consider the effects of gravity pulling you to the ground should the worst happen.
Is the load difficult to handle? □  Yes  □  No Vertigo sufferers should take particular care.
Is it difficult to grip? □  Yes  □  No A strong grip may prove useful on a particularly windy day.
Is there frequent or prolonged reaching above the shoulder? □ Yes  □  No A slip of any kind may require you to dangle from the edge until help arrives.
Is there frequent or prolonged reaching forward? □  Yes  □  No Assume that the person you’re working with doesn’t have a disaster of any kind that requires you to grab hold of their ankles as they dangle upside down.
Are loads moved over a long distance? □  Yes  □  No Bear in mind that at this height any movement whatsoever will feel like a journey of 1000 miles if you don’t like heights.
Is the environment excessively hot or cold? □  Yes  □  No Temperature in this situation is not the primary concern.
Is the environment windy? □  Yes  □  No Let’s hope not – for obvious reasons!
Is the floor surface uneven or slippery? □  Yes  □  No Please note that slipping would not do your career any favours – or indeed your life for that matter!
Is there adequate lighting? □  Yes  □  No Employees will rarely be expected to work in the darkness.
Is there adequate space? □  Yes  □  No Consider up and down (particularly down) as well as sideways.



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