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The completion of this form is voluntary, but the information it contains helps us to monitor and improve our equal opportunities at work.  Our company is committed to equality of opportunity in employment and to the selection of the best person for the role. The information you are providing on this page will be kept anonymous and is used for monitoring purposes only.  It is not used in the selection process. This form should be returned with your application form, but will be removed from your application prior to short listing.

The job:

What was the post you applied for:
Personal Assistant to The British Imperial Governor of North Borneo

Personal details:

Please indicate your gender (tick)
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under 25 25-34 √ (although due to the excessive workload I feel like I’m pushing 60) 35-44 45-54 over 54


The Disability Discrimination Act 1895 defines disability as a ‘physical or mental impairment which has a substantial and long term adverse effect on the ability to carry out normal day-to-day activities’. Do you consider yourself to be disabled?
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If yes, what is the nature of your disability:
It has to be said however, that when your boss refuses to walk anywhere on foot and you have to carry him everywhere,  the old rum and black does feel like it’s about to give way at any moment. I know this is the height of British Imperial rule in South East  Asia, but the occasional stroll might actually do his excellency the world of good. (Please see picture attached).


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