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funny keep off the grass sign - The W1nners' Club


Name: Roger Crawshaw

Job title: Junior Sign Erector

Department: Environment and Community Services

Length of time in post: 4 Years 6 months

Date of appraisal: _10_/_05_/_17_


Section A Assessment of potential

Not fitted at present for further promotion

Not fitted at present but likely to become fitted within the next two years

Fitted for promotion

Section B Employee’s aspirations

Describe employee’s career aspirations, noting relevant details about interests, mobility, previous experience, etc.

Roger has stated in previous appraisals that one day he’d like to work on the, ‘no ball games,’ team, but this role requires the ability to handle working on patches of grass that cover a considerably larger surface area than he is currently used to working on. For now therefore, Roger has said that he is willing to develop his career on the, ‘keep off the grass,’ team until he can cope with the increased responsibility.

Section C Job experience

Does the employee display abilities which may make him/her a suitable candidate for a job in the same grade but in a different discipline?

Yes        No        If ‘yes’, list job(s) identified

We did consider Roger for the ‘No Horse riding’ team, but there are no patches of grass in the borough small enough for Roger to work with that anybody in their right mind would try to ride a horse on. There is also at present no budget available for the creation of a ‘No riding Shetland ponies’ team as that’s the only size of horse we imagine would be able to fit on the patches of grass that Roger feels comfortable working with.

Section D Training

Would further training or other development action be appropriate?

Yes        No        If ‘yes’, list job(s) identified

A few trips to the park wouldn’t do Roger any harm as it will help him to get used to being exposed to larger open spaces. Whilst Roger’s agoraphobia has hitherto been a hindrance to his professional development, the district council is an equal opportunities employer and as a result, we are duty bound to find any tiny patch of grass we can for him to place signs on or we may be in breach of council guidelines.


Reporting Manager Signed: Signature - The W1nners' club

Section E Countersigning manager’s comments

Confirm whether the employee has/has not demonstrated suitability for promotion. Explain any areas of disagreement with the reporting manager’s assessment.

Roger has not yet demonstrated suitability for promotion. Once he decides to man up and can handle being in an open space that is larger than the average sized front lawn without bursting into tears and fainting, we may review his case.


Signed: signature 1 - The W1nners' Club

Section F – Employee’s comments on assessment of potential

I was doing fine until an advert for a Golfing holiday turned up in my Facebook newsfeed.


Signed:roger signature - The W1nners' Club


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